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Sant Singh Maskeen Ji : Early Years

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen : Early Years

Throughout Giani Sant Singh Maskeen ji's initial years of Gurmat Parchar he was the one who had to tread a very uneven path in order to sustain his motive despite of his low budget. But, he was not really a man to stop easily. Maskeen ji had got accustomed to go miles on foot for the sake of religious events and also to preach upon gurmat in various cities and towns. The only source of their earning was whatever the sangat offerred them at such events as a mark of respect. Sant Singh Maskeen ji faced all of the hurdles that arrived their way as well as kept their goal in the focus which was spreading the information of holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji to the entire humanity. Throughout the entire period of his life Maskeen Ji preferred to remain miles away from politics and also gurudwara politics. 

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji : A Manager

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji visited many places in India and abroad for Gurmat Prachar and Katha. They always the Sikhs to consider the proper management of the entire process of management, so that everything went on smoothly. Maskeen Ji had also written a book about Gurdwara Management. They were greatly concerned about the poor election procedure in place that decides the people that constitute the committees for that management of Gurdwaras, a subject that has now become the main cause of the actual infighting among Sikhs all over the world.

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji : Their early years

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen ji's mother and father were
Mata Ram Kaur and S. Kartar Singh respectively. Giani ji received their primary education in the Khalsa School. During their higher schooling the turmoil of Indian Independence occurred and maskeenji along with their family left everything including their home back in the 'now Pakistan' and came to 'now India'. Uncountable numbers of Sikhs and their once Hindu neighbors passed away or were brutaly slaughtered before reaching the security of India (and also to be fair numerous Muslims died on the way to Pakistan), a move most of them would have preferred to not make as nicely, but Giani Sant Singh Maskeen ji's loved ones finally made a brand new home in Alwar within Rajasthan.

After some years tragedy again struck their house with the death of his father in 1952. This had a detrimental impact on him and gianiji began feeling sad as well as isolated from life issues. This led Sant Singh Maskeen Ji to the fundamental tenets of Gurbani through various places as well as from different students. He became therefore engrossed in Gurbani he soon became the learned narrator.

Last Rites :

In the year 2005, Giani Sant Sing Maskeen Ji bade farewell to this materialistic world and went on to become one with truth. The arrangements made by SGPC to perform the last rites of the departed soul were commended by the general population. Sant Singh Maskeen Ji had recently been honoured with the highest honour in Sikhism i.e. “Panth Ratan”. However at the Bhog ceremony Maskeen ji were honoured by SGPC as the “Gurmat Vidya Marthand” posthumous honor. Bibi Jagir Kaur, the actual then president associated with SGPC also introduced "Bhai Gurdas Precious metal posthumous Award", which was really worth rupees one lakh, for Sant Singh Maskeen Ji as well as presented a check for rupees ten lakh towards the wife of Sant Singh Maskeen Ji with regard to his outstanding contribution in the reason for Sikhism and gurmat life-style.


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