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Sant Singh Maskeen Ji : Katha

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji Katha : Dasam Granth

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

A person always has some kind of expectation of incentive everytime he/she works any action (karam). If that reward isn't recieved by investing in that action, it's like a sown seed couldn't develop at just about all, like a planted tree couldn't bear any fresh fruit. A gardener, who dedicatedly protects the flowers as well as plants he has grown, feels really let down if his plants dry out despite his initiatives. We get upward and perform the daily actions to do Nitnem each morning, the reward or fruit of those actions according in order to Gurbani is presented the following:

There are around (

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji

guesses) 150 approximately questions in the actual Dasam Granth. All these questions, found within the Akaal Ustat, is very valuable and essential. These questions would be the very questions the seeker of Reality often faces upon his journey every once in awhile. But, the Bani just puts forth the actual questions and doesn't provide any solutions. People who have experienced the fortunate chance to see (darshan) associated with Dasam Granth Ji may know this, although nowadays people don’t even appear to have time to go to Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

I [

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji

] want to clarify the doubts why Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaaj didn't register his Bani within the Dhan Dhan Expert Granth Sahib Ji. The idea that I [Sant Singh Maskeen Ji] frequently put across to describe this are these types of:

1. Firstly, the whole Bani of Dhan Dhan Expert Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj is all about Brahm Gyaan, pure Understanding of God. However, within Dasam Granth Ji, Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s personal discourse and story can also be present.

Now I relate my very own story of exactly how God sent me on the planet while I had been absorbed in deep breathing. (Panna 132, Sri Dasam Granth Ji)

This is actually the autobiographical discourse through Guru Gobind Singh Ji such as, where and why he was created, how he invested his childhood, and also the wars he fought that are explained in vast detail within the Bani Bachittar Natak. Within Dhan Dhan Expert Granth Sahib Ji, nevertheless, is pure Brahm Gyaan, one won't find any reference to any historical details, for example where so when was Guru Nanak Dev Ji born and so on. Therefore, keeping this particular fact in thing to consider, Guru Gobind Singh Ji chose to not register his Bani within Dhan Dhan Expert Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj.

two. The second debate often given is actually this: Why do Guru Gobind Singh Ji create his life tale himself? In common, the life tale of prophets as well as great religious numbers (Avtaari Purash) may be written by people besides themselves. For instance, the story associated with Sri Ram was compiled by Tulsi and Valmiki the ones like Pandit Hirda Memory, etc. Similarly, the whole life history associated with Sri Krishna was compiled by Ved Vyaas, as well as by people such as Kavi Nirotam, Kaisho Dutt yet others. So, the question that's asked is while there have been people who could write the life span history of Expert Gobind Singh Ji, why did he decide to write it themself?

A writer who wishes to create about any avtaari purash needs both true feeling and understanding of him. If the actual story is informed with pure psychological feelings, the work will be nothing but incorrect meanings. I [Sant Singh Maskeen Ji] possess read books compiled by such people, plus they were full associated with emotional exaggerations without any real knowledge at the rear of it, so much to ensure that miracles have been mounted on even the insignificant of things. For instance, Tulsi, in his psychological outburst has created saloks where he's gone so far as calling Sri Memory the God incarnate. Within the same fashion, Surdaas, Nirotam yet others write about Sri Krishan as well as call him Lord. However, if even deep knowledge doesn't have emotional element mounted on it, then arguments occur. So, there needs to be a proper stability between both both of these elements.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was conscious of the difficulty of keeping the best balance. He had been concerned that a few sikh, flowing within the sea of feelings, might end upward equating him along with God while composing his life background. That is the reason why, Guruji decided to create his autobiography, and wrote the next in it:

People who call me Lord, will fall to the pit of heck.

Regard me like a humble servant from the Lord and don't have any doubt about this.

I am a slave from the Supreme Being and also have come to see the drama from the world. (Bachittar Natak, Sri Dasam Granth)

God may be the supreme power, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji clearly states he is not Lord, but just a individual.

I [Sant Singh Maskeen Ji] had been reading a guide by Khushwant Singh by which he writes you will find about 84 individuals in India that call themselves Bhagwaan, which includes people like Rajneesh. Unfortunately, there are couple of others, like the actual Nirankaaris, who prefer to be called because Nirankaars. Blindly, fools started subsequent them without even realising this is of the term ‘Nirankaar’. Nirankaar word means One which has no type, then how can someone made from five elements be considered a Nirankaar? Such individuals are in our panth too who call on their own Gurus and Sants and persuade individuals to follow their royalty and their very own ways. Such people try to break people through our Guruji instead of bonding them nearer to the true Experts. Anyhow, sooner or even later, maybe within the next century, the whole world will need to accept the proven fact that a human being made from flesh and bones can't ever be God. Anyone who attracts individuals to his own belief system is really a cheat. Our 10 Gurus never informed us to praise them and deal with them as Lord. Instead, the whole work of Gurus would be to connect us towards the words written within the praise of Lord.

Now, I [Sant Singh Maskeen Ji] want to present some truly beautiful thoughts compiled by Guru Gobind Singh Ji within Sri Dasam Granth when it comes to various aspects associated with life and faith. Another reason which Guru Gobind Singh Ji didn't add bani within Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj is actually that Guruji has been doing teeka of many other religious scriptures, the philosophies which Guruji do not really endorse, it is simply a teeka from the religious texts with regard to understanding.

I have made up the discourse from the tenth part (Skandh) of Bhagavat within the vernacular; O Head of the family! I have absolutely no other desire and also have only the zeal for that war fought based on righteousness. 2491. (Panna 1133, Sri Dasam Granth)

As you may be aware, Banis such as Ram Avtar, Krishna Avtar, in addition to discourses on Chaubees Avtar can be found in Sri Dasam Granth. The discourses about the twenty four avtars had been originally completely created in Sanskrit. In those times, a brahmin accustomed to teach Sanskrit in order to fellow brahmins only simply because they used to think that understanding of Sanskrit is actually right of just the brahmins. As a result, common man was not able to decipher what had been written in individuals texts. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, together with his infinite wisdom, did teekas of all of the 24 avtars from Sri Paonta Sahib to ensure that even the typical man could understand what it is about. Even though Guruji authored these texts, he managed to get absolutely clear these are not their thoughts.

I do not really adore Ganesha at first and also don't mediatate on Krishna as well as Vishnu; I have only learned about them with my personal ears and I actually do not recognize all of them; my consciousness is absorbed in the feet of the actual Supreme Kal (the actual Immanent Brahman). 434. (Panna 732, Sri Dasam Granth)

The reason Guruji felt the requirement to write these outlines after Krishna Avtar would be to dispel any believed that Guruji worships Krishna. Unfortunately, some people nevertheless misunderstood, like Bhagat Chela Memory. He has created a book known as ‘Murali Mehma’. He writes within the preface of the actual book that Expert Gobind Singh Ji offers accepted Krishna since the most superior amongst all of the Avtars. And although he couldn't continue to get into detail, but he or she did let their intentions know. Guru Gobind Singh Ji desired to let the masses understand what the ‘secret’ knowledge is about, because brahmins accustomed to claim that no one else except them possess the right to obtain this knowledge.

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